I offer top of the line equipment at every event I do which includes actual turntables and a mixer coupled with an extremely powerful Alienware laptop. My standard package includes 2 JBL mrx 500'S and additional subwoofer if needed. I never send novice interns to my booked events like many of the bigger companies do regularly because they book multiple events in one day. We do one event at a time in order to truly focus on the needs and desires of our very important customers. Here's a little about the services I offer.

I typically do $900 for 3 to 5 hours, $125 for each additional hour. Music selections are customized to your desires of course. I have many different entertainment options for you to consider. The $900 package includes my basic lighting set up which includes black lights and one multi-color moving head light.

For events 2 hours or less, I provide services for $375 for the booking fee, in addition to ad on pricing.

Additional add-ons include but are not limited to the following:

  • Up Lighting: $150 - extensive LED uplighting set up with your requested color or colors using up to 8 individual lights with multi-mode options.
  • (RECOMENDED) custom gobo lighting (monogram lighting) custom lighting projector that displays your name(S) or company logo $200 - $300 (depending on color customization package chosen)
  • Club style dance floor lighting $125 high impact RGB lasers, wash lighting larger mounted black lights and additional moving head lighting machines.
  • Karaoke services: on 47" tv screen, $125 (projector option, additional $275)
  • Music video wall: $275 live mixed music videos on a HD projector and 100"+ screen or 120"+ wall image (dark room not required)
  • Cocktail Hour Music Set Up: $100 - $250
  • Wedding Ceremony Music $250
  • Outdoor Tent $125

*These prices do not include 3rd party booking fees, and prices are subject to change depending on date, time, and event type for 3 to 5 hour events*