Playing the top hits alone can't entertain your audience all night. But when you hire a club DJ to bring in professionally mixed music videos, the crowd will stay on the dance floor for hours. DJ TAP Entertainment Services has a skilled video DJ who can do just that. We've done the same at clubs throughout the Savannah, GA & Tampa, FL area.

Here's why you can feel confident about hiring us:

1. We'll customize your music video choices to your clientele.
2. We use turntables for an authentic, old-school sound.
3. We offer lighting services-contact us for details.
4. We're flexible, so we can switch things up if your audience isn't feeling the music.
5. We'll work with you to make your night a success.

Call 850-210-2827 now to book a club DJ from DJ TAP Entertainment Services.

Got special song requests?

We'd be happy to accommodate them. It's our goal to keep your audience entertained throughout the night. Talk with a video DJ in Savannah, GA & Tampa, FL today to discuss your music preferences.