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TOP 100 DJS x VirtualDJ

3 Minute Mix Challenge

Check out some of the Worlds most established DJs taking VirtualDJ for a spin. DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs has teamed up with VirtualDJ for a 3-Minute Mix challenge. See some of the world's leading DJ showcase their skills in just three minutes on VirtualDJ.

See the 3-Minute Mix videos here

Revolutionary Stems feature

Top 100 DJs checking out VirtualDJ

See world class DJ's first impressions of the groundbreaking stems features that lets DJs get creative with on-the-fly stem seperation for instant acapella and instrumental on any song, live during the mix

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Legendary Turntablist Champion

DJ Quert is a living legend with roots all the way back to the Rock Steady Crew, as well as the pioneering turntablism crew Invisibl Skratch Piklz. Qbert has also been involved with DJ equipment, and lately the Photon Fader that is plug & play with VirtualDJ. Watch this award-winning World Champion DJ take VirtualDJ DVS system for a spin.

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Double DMC USA Champion

DJ Throdown became 2nd DMC US Champion To Win Back-To-Back titles with his win in 2018 and 2019.

Providing the mix of all the classics along with the new school trends. DJ Throdown mixes across all genres and gaining a following in the process.

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View the webisode "The Road to Becoming a DMC US Champion" here

DJ Erick Jay

DMC World Supremacy

DJ Erick Jay is an award winning DJ from Brazil with multiple DMC World titles, including the DMC World 2021 Supremacy Winner. Check out DJ Erick Jay taking VirtualDJ for a spin here

DJ Nino Leal

DMC & RedBull 3style Champion

Check out DJ Nini Leal, a multiple DMC & RedBull 3Style winner from Brazil, having a go with VirtualDJ here

DJ Henry Jay

DJ Instructor

DJ Henry Jay is a well experienced DJ, currently the School's Course Coordinator at E Music DJs in São Paulo, Brazil, where VirtualDJ plays an integrate part of the DJ classes and education. Check out DJ Henry Jay and VirtualDJ here


DMC & IDA Brazil Champion

Check out DJ RM (DMC Brazil Champion, IDA Brazil Champion, 2X Hip Hop DJ Champion) having a go at Virtual DJ here

DJ As-One

DMC USA Supremacy

DJ As-One is a multiple award winning DJ, including the DMC USA Supremacy. Check out DJ AS-One having a go with VirtualDJ and the stems feature here

DJ Lazyboy

Battle DJ Champion

DJ Lazyboy is a well established DJ that has performed a wide range of artists on stage (Mobb Deep, Twista etc) as well as taken home many titles from DMC, Redbull 3style & Goldie Awards. With his unique 'mash up' style of blending, see him having a go with the stems features in VirtualDJ here

DJ Dynamix

HMC x Def Jam Champ

DJ Dynamix is a talented DJ that has crowned him champion in both the HMC & Def Jam DJ Battle, as well as 3x Red Bull Thre3style SoCal Champion. Check out DJ Dynamix having a go with VirtualDJ here

DJ School Metz

DJ Training Center

Located in the center of Metz, France, the DJ School Metz is a training center for DJs and producers. Check out the instructors having a go at the stems feature in VirtualDJ here

DJ Tim Nice

Baltimore Blend Battle DJ

Check out blend & mashup DJ Time Nice out of NiceGuysEnt & Soundvision Djs taking the stems feature in VirtualDJ for a spin here

DJ Jay Style

Award Winning DJ & Producer

DJ & producer Jay Style from Switzerland, crowned Swiss Champion DJ as well as winner of the French DJ Championship, is an well experienced radio & tour DJ with background in NRJ & Fun Radio, and official ambassador for Pioneer DJ and more. Check out DJ Jay Style doing a mix with VirutalDJ using the stems features here

Bay Area DJs

Mixsterious Collective

Check out the Bay Area DJs, DJ Mike Cool, DJ Oteb & DJ Solrac from the Mixsterious Collective, having a go with the stems features in VirtualDJ here


At Denver DJ School

Check out DMC USA Champion DJ Rectangle and his colleagues DJ Staxx & DJ Chonz at Denver DJ School, taking VirtualDJ for a spin here

Dee J Philo


While Visiting DMC USA, Dee J Philo joined us at Atomix Power Room for a little spin on VirtualDJ. Check it out.

Check out this skilled DJ on VirtualDJ here

DJ Jimmi Riggz

DMC Canada Champion

Jimmi Riggz visited us at Atomix Power Room after his taking the fist place title at the 2017 DMC Canadian finals in Toronto.

Check out the video here

DJ Jooce

3x DMC Canada Finalist

A spin with VirtualDJ by DMC Canada finalist DJ Jooce on the turntables..

Check out the video here

Crushen Sessions

Hangin with the homies

A fun hot afternoon in sunny San Jose, California with some cold drinks and world class DJs Lazyboy, Myty Myke, Brotha Reese, D-Rakkas and Vex One in Brotha Reese's Ego Crushen Sessions' studios.

Check out the homies scratching it up with VirtualDJ here

Dj All Good

Canadian DMC

Hanging out with Dj All Good and checking out his Turntemple project, a DJ classroom on wheels... Take a peak inside with this skilled DJ doing a routine on VirtualDJ

Check the Atomix Power Room webisode here

Dj !Kryme Won

Canadian DMC

Hanging out with regional DMC winner Dj !Kryme Won talking about DJ culture and digital djing, as well as talking VirtualDJ for a spin

Check the Atomix Power Room webisode here


Atomix Power Room #6

Check out DJ Knockers having a spin with the VirtualDJ DVS Engine in the video here



DJ Bounce has held residencies at some of the most prominent clubs in Miami as well being DJ at high profile events such as the NBA Playoffs. He is also head instructor at the Scratch DJ Academy in Miami where he teaches students how to DJ and mix. Check out DJ Bounce mixing with the Pioneer DDJ-SZ and VirtualDJ in the video here


Atomix Power Room #5

Check out DJ Bounce in Atomix Power Room Webisode #5 mixing on the Pioneer DDJ-SZ with VirtualDJ 8. See the video here



DJ Jaycee is a veteran on the DJ scene - both from the DJ battle competitions as well as Radio DJ scene in Atlanta. Tour DJ for Ludacris, as well as featured on tours with Eminem, Outcast and Black Eyed Peas. Participated in notable award shows such as Grammys, VMA & BET Awards. Check out DJ Jaycee routine with VirtualDJ in the video here


Atomix Power Room #4

Check out DJ Jaycee in Atomix Power Room Webisode #4 with VirtualDJ 8 DVS. See the video here


Carolina Club DJ Battle winner 2013/2014

DVDJ Eyecon has been in the industry for over a decade as a club rocking turntabilist. Eyecon is the resident DJ at a top 100 club in the nation; Malibus in Broadway at the Beach where he performs for big crowd every weekend. He is featuring in Atomix Power Room Webisode #3 - showcasing VirtualDJ 8 DVS engine. Check out the video here


Atomix Power Room #3

Check out DVDJ Eyecon in Atomix Power Room Webisode #3 with VirtualDJ 8 DVS engine. See the video here


Winner Churchward DJ Battle

Lazyboy a Queens, N.Y. native has been filling underground dance floors from Maine to Florida with his unique melodic mixture of Trance,Techno, and house for over a decade. The guy is no stranger to the scene performing along side Dj's and producers like the godfather himself Frankie Bones, Richard Humpty Vision, Dj Dank, Venom, Space Girl, The Dever,Pleasurehead,X-Dream,and the list goes on. Check out his set with VirtualDJ 8 in Atomix Power Room Webisode #2 here


Atomix Power Room #2

Check out DJ Lazyboy, winner of the Churchward Pub DJ Battle, showcasing VirtualDJ 8 DVS engine. See the video here


2015 Redbull Thre3stlye Battle Winner

With over a decade of DJ experience, Boi Jeanius is very involved in every aspect of the dj word and takes pride in his profession and displays the love, attitude, and passion every night. 2015 Redbull Thre3style Midwest Regional Champion and years of experience on the #1 Top 40 Station In Chicago 1035 Kiss Fm and Stations such as La Mega 95.5 and 1075 WGCI.


Scratch DJ Academy Chicago

In this video the official instructors at the Scratch DJ Academy Chicago, demonstrate their skills with the new and improved VirtualDJ 8 timecode engine. See the video here



DJ Ravi Drums is using a combination of drums and live-remixing with VirtualDJ on a see-through touch screen. Having performed on events everywhere from Oscars, Oprah, Playboy Mansion and all over the globe to the most exclusive red carpet events for Michael Jordan, Nike, HBO, Nintendo and FOX, Ravidrums is unstoppable. He has performed with live artist such as Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul, Ricky Martin, Will Smith, The Black Eyed Peas and many more. His apperance can also been seen with VirtualDJ in Britney Spears music video.


Performance demo

See the video here


Atomix Power Room

Klash Akt is a DJ collective with members Krisp Kuts, Selecta Abel & The Phonograff - a turntabilsm music and production team out of Vancouver Canada. The crew tested out VirtualDJ 8 DVS in Atomix Power Room Webisode #1. See the video here



DJ Larry D has been DJing professionally for over two decades. His roots in the music industry run deep and has always been on the cutting edge, setting the bar higher with every set he lays down. Larry has remixed for numerous remix services including Pro Mix, Select Mix, Hot Tracks. He took his game to the next level with Video DJing and has sculpted this talent into a finely tuned skill over the years making him one of the top Video Remixers in North America. DJ Larry D signature is his selection of fun, humorous and brilliant video clips mashed together with music videos. DJ Larry D has been a product demonstrator and ambassador for VirtualDJ with his legendary video mashups and event performances.

DVDJ Biggie


DVDJ Biggie is a household name in the world of video remixing. #1 All Time Selling Artist on Crooklyn Clan. Highly skilled live Video Mixer - with VirtualDJ as his preffered mix solution. Check out some of his many video remixes here


Performance demo on the Pioneer DDJ-SZ

See the video here



Coldcut is comprised of multi-talented workaholics Matt Black and Jonathan More. Cutting, patching, blending, scratching, there is no matching the silky, funky techniques of these scientists of sound who are recognized as prime movers in abstract instrumental flavored genres. In the 2000s Coldcut reinvented themselves as audio-visual djs, giving the World amazing video dj shows, and have toured all over the world as the best of the best in this genre. In their current shows VirtualDJ plays a large part , controlled with turntables and cd decks (with timecode) and midi pads, to trigger and scratch video and audio samples in amazing creative ways. They truely showcase the powers of VirtualDJ - with stunning creativity!



Dennis Ferrer can only be described as the face of hope for a new generation of soulful house producers. A real artist with an aptitude for songwriting and new production concepts, Ferrer is undoubtedly at the top of his game. He is truely one of the leading producers and djs on the house scene. For many of his shows, Dennis Ferrer has been using VirtualDJ


World Famous Beat Junkies

DJ Icy Ice is one of LA's premier DJs. His versatile style of DJing has him playing at the hottest exclusive club venues around the world and here in his hometown of LA (in the Hollywood/OC nightclub scene). He is also a veteran on LA's radio airwaves, currently playing for Movin 93.9 FM His mixes can also be heard on over 300 stations nationally syndicated through the Superadio Network.

" -VirtualDJ is the start of a new era for me as a DJ. I want to master this tool, make my mark with it, and take it a step further..."



Internationally known musician & producer DJ & VideoDJ. Being the entrepreneur, he co-created the world's first online DJ School, TurntableU, in 2009. While working on Keith Urban's incredibly successful world tour, Debonair also had the honor of opening for superstars Carrie Underwood, Gary Allan, John Rich and his crew, The Muzik Mafia.

" -VirtualDJ is the first dj system to make video mixing on turntables a reality. As one of the first video turntablists, I intend to show the world!"



DJ Muggs (or simply Muggs), is Cypress Hill's DJ and producer. Cypress Hill, the group formed by DJ Muggs with B-Real and Sen Dog, became one of the most popular and influential hip hop groups of the 20th century. Today, DJ Muggs has his own Sirius satellite radio show where he and other DJs play their rap/rock blends.



DJ Jam, has been working in the music scene for over decades getting his start in his hometown San Diego where he had a strong reputation for rocking parties, clubs and some of the hottest mix tapes. JAM moved to Carson where he worked as a DJ at popular night clubs in Los Angels. That's where he caught the attention of The Legendary Dr. Dre and became the official dj for Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre.



Impact Magazine's award winning DJ MR.VINCE is not your average DJ. You may have caught him on MTV or BET's Rap City, or perhaps spinning in some hot night club anywhere between the United States and Europe, it's possible you may have heard him right next to Fatman Scoop during their 3 hour weekly internationally syndicated mixshow.



C-Minus presents a unique format that mix emerging rock and cutting edge hip hop artists for a large mainstream audience. As an artist, producer, and touring DJ, C-Minus has worked with and/or opened for: Wu-Tang Clan, Foo Fighers, Weezer, Moby, Korn, La Coka Nostra, Johnny Cash, Queens of the Stone Age, Korn, Blink 182, Metallica, The Strokes, Kaiser Chiefs, Kelis, Green Day, N*E*R*D, Kid Rock, Deftones, Busta Rhymes, Kanye West, Nas and many others.



Annalyze have proved herself as one of the leading ladies of Hiphop, Party Rock & Turntablism. She has played all over the world, alongside DJs such as Q-Bert, A-trak, Craze, X-ecutioners, & Klever to name a few. Annalyze & Shortee formed the first female 2x4 scratch duo called "Twice As Nice". She is featured alongside Shortee in DJ documentaries, "Girl" & "Vinyl is a Girls Best Friend". Always pushing to the next level and always on top of her game.